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October 07, 2019

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has accepted responsibility for his side's struggles, calling for patience from fans as he tries to rectify the situation.

After falling to a 1-0 loss to Newcastle United on Sunday, United sit just two points above the relegation zone, and they could find themselves dropping even further after the international break as their first game back is against Liverpool.

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Speaking to Sky Sports after the loss, Solskjaer confessed that it was up to him to sort things out, but he did insist that everyone at the club is working together with the goal of returning to greatness in the future.

He said: "We've given ourselves a big, big uphill challenge to get among the top four but it's tight and we need to get a run together.

"It will take however long it will have to take. It's a journey we've started on and the culture is getting there. I can't give you any time but we're getting there. We've come together and discussed the direction we're going. If you only work on sunny days, you'll never get to your destination. We'll have these days, but we know where we want to get to.

"It's my responsibility. I need to sort their heads out. Young boys lacking confidence - they need some help from experienced players and staff. Confidence is a big thing in players, and only performances and results will give you confidence.

"At the moment, when there is a decision to be made, the players don't do it instinctively. That's what we've been working on, so it's the perfect time for the international break."

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Whether Solskjaer will get the time he wants is a different matter entirely, with rumours rife that United may look to relieve the Norwegian of his duties unless things improve.

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