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October 08, 2019

Danish side FC Copenhagen have been charged after fans displayed a huge banner of a burning Smurf during a recent Europa League tie with Swedish outfit Malmö.

During the match, Copenhagen fans held aloft a large tifo emblazoned with a cartoon Smurf burning in a cauldron, alongside the message: "The screams of Malmö will sound from the black cauldron of Copenhagen".


Now, UEFA have confirmed on their official website that disciplinary proceedings have been opened against Copenhagen for their use of an 'illicit banner' which has been shown to provoke or offend an opponent, as well as for their use of fireworks.

Malmö supporters were also charged with setting off fireworks and throwing objects, in what was a fiercely contested match.

Despite being from different Scandinavian countries, the two clubs and their respective cities are just 17 miles apart and are separated by a motorway bridge, so this fixture is actually an international derby.

The two sides are not exactly rivals, although each team faces a constant battle to prove themselves as the strongest in Scandinavia. They are the defending champions of their respective leagues, but the chance to assert themselves as the strongest in the region is often more important.


However, on this occasion the game - which was played in Sweden - ended in a 1-1 draw, so this longstanding power struggle is set to continue until the two sides face off again in the return fixture in December.

Punishments for both clubs will be decided upon when UEFA meet to discuss disciplinary cases on 21 November.

UEFA are expected to hit both clubs with sanctions, which could range from fines to partial stadium closures. Should UEFA decide on the latter, it could impact the return leg of this fixture, which will be played in Denmark on 12th December.

Copenhagen currently sit top of Group B in the Europa League on four points, whereas Malmö, who are led by former Leeds United manager Uwe Rösler, find themselves third, with their sole point coming in the recent meeting between the two sides.

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