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October 18, 2019

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has spoken out in support of the people of Catalunya, who are currently protesting the imprisonment of nine people involved in their failed independence bid in 2017.

Those involved were jailed for between nine and 13 years for their role in the movement - a decision which Barcelona have also spoken out in condemnation of.

Speaking in a press conference (via AS), the City manager also added his support to the people of Catalonia, adding that he can always be relied upon to defend the rights of people anywhere in the world.

He said: "How incredible the people from all around Catalunya giving support to the seven political prisoners and two social activists, who are in jail more than 100 years altogether. I think the international community must help us to solve the conflict from Catalunya, Spain.

"But normally, everyone looks at their own situation and when they're not involved too much, people look right, left and they don't...we need it. We need Europe to resolve this conflict. People don't trust each other too much.

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"If they need me they can count on me to defend human rights. Here, in Arabic countries, wherever. We have to fight against racism, discrimination of gender, equality between men and women, I will be there all the time. No matter where and when."

The protest over the decision to hand out prison sentences brought Barcelona to a standstill on Friday as workers from across the region closed shops and blocked roads to express their disgust at the ruling.

The scheduled meeting between Barcelona and Real Madrid on 26th October was even postponed amid fears that the unrest could become dangerous if the game was to go on.

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Guardiola, who was born in Catalunya and spent years working in the region as both a player and manager for Barcelona, is one of several figures to offer their support to those involved in the turmoil.

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