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October 22, 2019

Former Manchester United star Patrice Evra has surprisingly revealed that Liverpool midfielder James Milner is the toughest opponent he ever came up against. 

The Frenchman, who spent the best days of his career at United and Juventus, went head-to-head with many of the world's best players, including Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, the former left-back claims that the Englishman gave him the most problems during his illustrious 20-year career.

Speaking as a guest live on Sky Sports' Monday Night Football, Evra responded to a Twitter question asking who was the best player he played against, and instantly replied with James Milner, while he also reserved praise for former Tottenham winger Aaron Lennon.

Presenter David Jones questioned him about Messi, but Evra replied: "No, because I played against Messi many times in a wide position and I wouldn't say he was easy to mark but I could deal with him. When he is going more central that is when he is most dangerous.

"But James Milner, only because he frustrated me. I am an attacking defender and he was following me everywhere. He kept challenging me and I just got frustrated. Sometimes I was talking to him saying 'Just go and attack, leave me alone.'

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"When we played the derby against Manchester City I had him, when he went to Liverpool I had him again. So for me the one who frustrated me the most was Milner."

"[Aaron] Lennon was the kind of player who, if I wasn't 100% fit, would run in behind me, and defenders hate it when players run in behind, so Lennon was difficult to play against."

Former Barcelona and Juventus right-back Dani Alves also made similar claims back in 2016 about Milner, claiming that he was his most annoying opponent.

“I have faced many, but the most annoying was James Milner," he said, as quoted by the Daily Mail. "He follows you forward and follows you backwards. It’s very difficult because he attacks you and defends you, and then attacks you and defends you again.”

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