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October 23, 2019

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has attacked Liverpool for supporting Luis Suarez after he racially abused Patrice Evra backed in 2011.

Following the row at Anfield on October 15 2011, the entire Liverpool squad wore t-shirts in support of the Uruguayan during a warm-up against Wigan a day after Suarez had been found guilty by the FA.

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Ferdinand, who played alongside Evra during the match, told BT Sport that Liverpool had handled the situation poorly.

Liverpool let themselves down that day, wearing t-shirts in support of someone who's been accused of a racist comment,” the 40-year-old said, as quoted by the Daily Mail“Yep, eight years on and still the apology hasn't come from Liverpool in that sense.”

Jamie Carragher, who was vice-captain at the time of the incident, apologised to Evra on Sky Sports on Monday.

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“We made a massive mistake, that was obvious," he said. "As a family, football club, your first reaction is to support them and that's wrong.

“I'm not condoning Suarez, it was wrong, for clubs that is the first reaction. And we got it wrong, apologies.”

Suarez was given an eight-game ban for racially abusing Evra, but he still refused to shake the Frenchman's hand in the return fixture against Manchester United that season.

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Both Evra and Ferdinand have agreed that a ban is not an adequate solution to racism and instead, education could be to the tool to prevent future affairs.

“I just think the game's moved on from then in terms of the narrative now,” Ferdinand said. "Everything on the edge of everyone's tongue at the moment is racism.” 

"At that point then it wasn't so people were kind of startled into like ‘what do we do, what do we do’. Even more so now – we're still sitting here saying ‘what do we do?’ It's not a t-shirt which is going to change it, it's not a day in the season which is going to change it, it's education, definitely.”

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