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October 28, 2019

Ian Wright believes Dani Ceballos should be playing in midfield, instead of Swiss midfielder Granit Xhaka.

Xhaka's substitution in Arsenal's 2-2 draw with Crystal Palace was subject to a chorus of boos, as the Arsenal man strolled off the pitch before cupping his ears to the fans, taking off his shirt and then heading straight down the tunnel. 


Arsenal fans showed their true feelings toward their new club captain, who has since been criticised by Unai Emery.

When speaking on BBC's Match of the Day 2, Arsenal legend Ian Wright took the opportunity to to condemn Xhaka's performance, while adding that he is not the only one who needs to do better.

When analysing Granit Xhaka, Wright said: "You look at the amount of space. Are they closing down? Are they pressing? So much time and space.

"For me, it's very confusing in respects what are they doing? Again there is too much time to turn, two passes and you're into the penalty box", he added.


Xhaka has been under pressure for quite some time, pressure which compiled when Arsenal made the Swiss international their club captain this campaign. 

Wright went on to say: "You look at Granit Xhaka for me, he's having a bad time in respect of what is going on. But when I am watching this I am not sure if he actually really wants the ball.

"I am feeling that his confidence is shot, is it because of the stick he is getting?".

Ian Wright sought the chance to say who he would opt for to replace Granit Xhaka in the Arsenal side, electing teammate Dani Ceballos to step in: "I'd put someone like Dani Ceballos in this situation, simply because he wants the ball and he will be working harder to get it."


Wright continued: "He [Xhaka] doesn't seem to want the ball. You think to yourself, yes he may get taken off at some stage when you look at his contribution in the game. Here he is in a lot of space but he doesn't seem to want the ball."

Arsenal lacked creativity from midfield in their draw against Crystal Palace even with Ceballos in the side. Cries of 'Mesut Ozil' also rang out around the Emirates Stadium, another situation which is making life hard for Unai Emery.

Arsenal will need to sort out their midfield woes if they are serious about challenging for a Champions League position.

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