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October 29, 2019

UEFA have ordered Bulgaria to play their remaining Euro 2020 home qualifier behind closed doors, with a second game behind closed doors suspended for a two-year probation period, the result of vile racist behaviour from fans towards England players earlier this month.

It means their game against Czech Republic next month will be played in a closed stadium.

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Bulgaria had already been sanctioned by UEFA for racist behaviour from fans during earlier qualifiers in June and the stadium for the England clash was already partially closed as a result.

For the racist abuse of England players, which saw the 6-0 thrashing twice paused by the referee to enforce and escalate the UEFA anti-racism protocol, the Bulgarian Football Union (BFU) has been fined €75,000, which serves as a joint punishment for the throwing of objects.

A warning has also been issued for replays being shown on the big screen in the stadium.

The BFU must display a ‘No to Racism’ banner at their next two home games in UEFA competition.

In addition, UEFA have given a €10,000 fine for causing disturbance during a national anthem.

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Since the game, both the head of the BFU, Borislav Mihaylov, and the Bulgaria national team coach, Krasimir Balakov, have resigned. Mihaylov was under pressure to step down from the country’s prime minister and sports minister, while Balakov walked away just four days after shockingly denying he had heard any of the racist abuse during the game.

England were also slapped with a charge relating to a disturbance during the pre-game anthems and have been issued with a €5,000 fine. England had been charged with providing insufficient travelling stewards for the game as well, but judgement has been put back until next month after the FA requested an extension of the deadline in order to present a defence.

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