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October 30, 2019

The Premier League are putting plans together to introduce a new mode of technology for VAR that will aid referees in making offside calls that are otherwise too close to call, avoiding the lengthy delays that have become a regular occurrence this season.

Hawk-Eye, who developed the seemingly faultless goal-line technology, are working on a system that will dramatically increase the accuracy and speed with which referees make offside decisions.

At present, the current system requires video assistant referees to create an imaginary offside line, which can ensure whether the most minor detail - like an armpit - is offside or not and subsequently overturn or make an offside call.

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This system has been used throughout the season, but the marginal differences have seen some reviews take nearly three minutes, prompting discontent from supporters at home and match-goers alike.

However, as revealed by the Mail, the new system being constructed will utilise multiple cameras that track the back foot of all outfield players in each VAR-monitored game, to provide the video assistant referees with an 'automated offside line' in real time.

With this offside line present throughout the match, the referees will be able to see in-game whether a player is onside or not at the drop of a hat, in turn providing faster, more reliable calls to the on-field referees who are unable to make a correct judgement at the time.

The 'limb-tracking technology' system will offer a full skeletal model of every player’s movements, something which could also be used by football clubs themselves to generate more data about their own players.

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The current system has come under scrutiny this season, despite correctly overturning goals or allowing them, due to the length of time it takes to make the decision - although whether this new technology will be ready to be introduced mid-season is not yet known. That said, referees' chief Mike Riley is being constantly updated on it's progress with a view to incorporating it into the Premier League.

A meeting is due to take place on Thursday with the 17 Select Group One referees to discuss VAR's involvement this season, and it is thought the new Hawk-Eye technology could well be mentioned.

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