Cech Furious With Decision For Mount And Chilwell to Isolate And Miss England Match

Do you agree with the former Chelsea player?

Chelsea's Sporting Director Petr Cech has taken to Instagram to declare his frustration on the decision to force England duo Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell to self-isolate following England's 0-0 draw with Scotland.

The Football Association announced that Mount and Chilwell would isolate as a precaution, despite the entire England squad testing negative for COVID-19. 

The duo was put into isolation as a precaution after coming into close contact with Chelsea teammate Billy Gilmour on Friday at Wembley and will now miss England's clash with the Czech Republic, Cech's nation.

Gilmour tested positive for Covid-19 and it was later revealed Mount and Chilwell had been in contact with him and had a 20-minute conversation in the tunnel area post-match. 

Speaking on his Instagram story, Cech said "Please could somebody help me understand how it is possible Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell - both with negative tests - have to isolate after they got in contact with Billy Gilmour while the entire Scottish team who shared the dressing room, hotel, coach and plane while travelling, dinning room, meeting room and is allowed to play the game without any problem because they returned the required negative tests?

What is the difference between them returning the same test results? It is incomprhensible..."

What did England manager Gareth Southgate say about the situation?

“The protocols – it would be something to do with chatting after the game, but I have no idea of all the detail, that’s why we’ve taken the decision at this point to isolate them. That’s why we’re having to have the discussions with Public Health England, as I understand it, and I’m sure the guys [at the FA] will update you as soon as they know more.

“We’re not being overzealous in that we’ve got to follow the guidelines and make sure that if there is any risk with these two players, we’ve got to make sure we don’t put any other players at risk. But the ins and outs of what would classify as being contact – they are the discussions that are ongoing. My biggest hope is for the two boys – that they’re not going to miss 10 days of a Euros. That would be a massive blow for us, but for them as well.

“You can see evidence at every match of interactions. These sorts of things do serve as a reminder that we are under a different sort of spotlight to most parts of the community and at higher risk of being forced to miss matches. After what’s happened today, I don’t think they [players] will need us to tell them, but we will.

“It’s not ideal, but we’ve always known this could happen and every team has been living with this fear, and some have already had to deal with it. We’re the latest to have that disruption, and we’ve just got to deal with it.”

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