There have been major advancements in talks of a European Super League between the powerhouses of domestic football. Despite the concept being an undeniable spectacle, the ethics of the competition can be brought into question as well as the impacts it would impose on football forever.

After qualifying for the FA Cup final after a Wembley win versus Manchester City and making the latter stages of the Champions League, it comes as no surprise Chelsea are part of the teams linked to being part of the Super League. From a financial stand point it is understandable as to why the Chelsea hierarchy have been open to talks with organisers. 

Editor Mark Kleinman explained: "The new league includes staggering sums of money that will be handed to the participating clubs. About $6billion has been committed to this new project by the American bank JP Morgan."


In a time where the game revolves around wealth and success being a byproduct of mass expenditure, the international tycoons who run European clubs will likely be attracted to the American ran competition in a bid to increase revenue after taking substantial hits as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Despite spending large sums last summer, Chelsea are no exceptions as the Blues will look to challenge Europes elite and improve their competitive status.


The speed in developments regarding the Super League however are frightening and announcements surrounding the organisers in depth plans are imminent. If Chelsea are to pursue a place in the competition it would tarnish the clubs foundations and would no doubt cause upset amongst supporters.

As a club who have been at both ends of the domestic spectrum and who once faced financial crisis pre Abramovich, a Super League would undermine the footballing ethics clubs have always abided to which is what makes the game so accessible. Chelsea will play their part alongside other sides in jeopardising the ambition of supporters and teams to make it into Europe due to the exclusiveness of the money driven competition. Despicable.

A Chelsea Supporters’ Trust spokesperson said,

“We are appalled that Chelsea FC are among the rumoured clubs who have allegedly signed up to a “Super League” as it would destroy open competition for financial gain.

“This proposal demonstrates the greed within football and as supporters, we are tired of the beautiful game being abused.”

In a season in which the relations between the board and fans have been dented, the decision to persist in talks of joining the Super League will cause outrage and disgust amongst supporters as a result of the selfishness and greed of Chelsea’s hierarchy. 

The organic roots of football have already been weakened in recent years however the arrival of this money driven competition would mark the demise of the game we all know and love.

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