What Chelsea legend Ashley Cole told new signing Ben Chilwell before he signed for the Blues

Matt Debono

Ben Chilwell has revealed what former Chelsea defender Ashley Cole told him ahead of joining the club this summer. 

The 23-year-old has big boots to fill following the success of Cole at Stamford Bridge after signing for the Blues from Leicester City. 

At a price tag of £50 million, Chilwell has plenty of the spotlight on him as he continues to build his match fitness up following his injury at the end of last season. 


But prior to joining Frank Lampard's side, Chilwell revealed he what Cole told him after he asked his agent to speak to the Chelsea legend prior to joining.

"Definitely," on if Cole had an influence on his decision to join. "Coming to Chelsea, as well as talking to the manager, a big factor for me was speaking to Ashley Cole when I came here, and seeing the career that he had here. Obviously I wanted to emulate that and still do, and to have someone like that who has played for Chelsea and is English, it was important to me. 


"I spoke to my agent because I was quite keen on getting to meet him so that I could get to know him, and pick his brains on what he thought of Chelsea as a club. How he reached the success that he reached here. I was quite keen to find out stuff like that out and I'm going to work as hard as I can over the next however many years to try to emulate what he has done here.

"He just said work hard, I know it sounds cliche but the fans here love players that want to work hard, die for the badge, and put everything in to winning for the football club, because it is a great football club. He said when he first came here, he wanted to win for the club and loved playing for Chelsea. He said if I can take that on board, that wanting to really love the club and win for it, then I should have a great career here."


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