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Boris Johnson Confirms UK Government 'Working Closely' to Progress Chelsea Sale

A spokesperson for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed that the Government are working closely with Chelsea to progress the sale of the club.

This comes following reports that the Government were set to approve the takeover of Chelsea, with an official announcement expected within 24 hours.

Johnson's spokesman has now confirmed that details will be set out as soon as possible regarding the sale.


Speaking via Nick Purewal, the spokesperson said: "We are working closely with Chelsea to progress the sale. We are holding intense discussions with the relevant international partners to get the necessary approvals and we will set out further details as soon as we can.

"We want to get this process done as soon as possible while also ensuring the sanctions regime is protected, but we will say more on this as soon as we possibly can."

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The Telegraph stated that Chelsea will be given the green light for the sale on Monday night, with Portugal and the European Commission needing to sign off on a deal due to Roman Abramovich's citizenship in the European country.


The European Commission are likely to be the partners referred to by the spokesperson as they look to resolve the sale of Chelsea ahead of Todd Boehly's takeover of the club.

It was reported that Chelsea have told the government that they want to restructure the way the club is being sold to repay the debts but this has now been resolved ahead of the May 31 deadline for the Blues to complete a takeover.

It is believed that the sale can be completed with no money being paid to Camberley until the UK government is satisfied that none of the £1.6 billion will go directly to Abramovich or his beneficiaries.

An announcement is expected in the middle of the week to officially confirm the sale.

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