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Charly Musonda Confirms End of Season Chelsea Departure

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Chelsea winger Charly Musonda appears to have confirmed his departure from the club at the end of the season.

The Belgian has not played a match of competitive football for two seasons as he recovers from injury.

He has taken to Instagram to seeminygly confirm that he will be leaving the club upon the expiry of his contract next summer.

He wrote: "Free agent, June 2022. Enjoying the final ride, while training and slowly getting ready for what lies ahead, with continued faith and optimism."

The last Blues fans heard from Musonda, he commented on his Chelsea future as he battled to come back from injury.

What did Musonda previously say?

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"That rarely happens in football. Normally, players tear the anterior cruciate ligament and are ready to use again six months after surgery. The doctors told me that I would have to rehabilitate for a year." he previously admitted.

“Since I had been out for more than a year, they gave me a 20 percent chance of ever playing at the top level again. They literally said: this is going to be an impossible mountain to climb.

“It was a struggle." he said. "For three years I missed what I love most: playing football. I was in pain and sometimes didn’t sleep, but a comeback is only heroic when no one thinks it possible.

“I’m on the right track. I do believe I have ten more beautiful years in my legs when I return. I feel like a boxer getting ready for his ultimate fight.”

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