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Chelsea Boss Thomas Tuchel Expresses Club World Cup Concerns

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel expressed his concern over his side's Club World Cup campaign in early 2022.

While the date is not yet confirmed, FIFA have announced that it will be in early 2022, at some point between January and March.

Chelsea's fixture list for the upcoming months is hectic, with games against Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham and Arsenal all in the space of five matches in January.

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Speaking about his side's campaign in the competition, Tuchel expressed his concerns about the busy scheduling.

"I was never asked if I’d like a Club World Cup with 24 teams, never," said Tuchel, as quoted by

"I know that maybe in Europe this title has not the highest priority but we should be humble enough to accept that in other parts of the world they play high level football.

"They have Champions Leagues in Asia and South America producing the highest levels of football and to have a competition like this makes absolute sense if you are FIFA.

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"But it needs to fit in the calendar," he continued. "In the past, Liverpool lost a cup game because they were playing in Qatar.

"Then it gets a bit ridiculous and does not make sense from a sporting point of view.

"Then I allow myself to be critical because this game is about the players.

"If you want to see the best game, and see the best players playing the best game and not being injured or tired or sitting on the plane travelling around for almost half a year it’s as simple as that."

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