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Chelsea Defender Thiago Silva Responds to Manager Thomas Tuchel Praise on Achievements

Chelsea centre-back Thiago Silva took part in an interview this week in which he responded to comments from manager Thomas Tuchel praising the Brazil international.

The 37-year-old has been a part of the Chelsea ranks since joining from Paris-Saint Germain back in the summer of 2020, where he played under the tutelage of Tuchel as well.


Speaking to the official Chelsea website, in his 'In my own words' interview, Blues manager Thomas Tuchel hailed the star centre-back.

"I like that he pushed himself to the limit with this step from Paris where he had everything, where he was the captain into the uncertainty, into this adventure of the toughest league in the world. It shows that even if he's a calm guy, he's a lion inside.

"Benjamin Button. Thiago Button of football. I know how much effort he puts in to stay fit, how much effort he puts in off the pitch at home, taking care of his recovery, his sleep, his nutrition. This is simply outstanding and only because of that it's possible."

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In response to the comments, Thiago Silva was humble and praised his manager for leadership in the time they have spent together.


"Compliments like that, especially from someone who knows you from day to day, it makes you very happy, very proud because when people talk about you without knowing you, you start wondering 'is it really that?'.

"But when you get praise from people who are with you on a daily basis it's because they really know you a little more. So that makes me really happy.

"I've been with him since my time at Paris and I know how important the time there was not only for him but for all of us. So I hope he can keep growing in this profession and that we can continue together."

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