Chelsea yet to officially leave European Super League, claims Florentino Perez

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Chelsea haven't officially left the European Super League, according to Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.

After plans to form a new Super League competition were announced on Sunday, which received the backing of six English clubs - Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham, Liverpool and Arsenal, it was received with severe opposition and backlash.

'Anti-competition', 'greed' and several other labels were put on the 12 Founding Clubs. The backlash and heavy negative response pushed and forced clubs to U-turn as the domino effect started on Tuesday. Chelsea were the first club to withdraw, and the rest followed with club statements


It has been claimed that the clubs leaving will lose out on their £8 million equity stakes which they purchased when joining the league. 

However, Perez claims no club has left the league yet, having not paid the penalty fee.

"Nobody has yet paid the penalisation fee for leaving the Super League. We are almost all still in this, they have not officially left yet,” Perez told El Larguero, as relayed by the Mirror.

“The Super League project is now on standby, I can confirm.

Juventus and AC Milan have not left the Super League. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and AC Milan are still in talks to find solutions.

Petr Cech confronted Chelsea fans' protests outside Stamford Bridge.

Petr Cech confronted Chelsea fans' protests outside Stamford Bridge.

“If this project doesn't work then another one will. Remember, all the 12 clubs have signed a binding contract.”

Perez also stated one English club weren't ever fully convinced which affected the other clubs. 

He added: “There was someone in the English six clubs who did not have much interest. That started to affect the others, there was fear. One of the English clubs was never really convinced."

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