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Armando Broja is looking like an up-and-coming star for both club and country and it seems the Chelsea striker has his football-loving father to thank for his continuing development.  

"I loved sport, but I was a bit wild as a kid, full of energy. I needed that structure," he told The Players' Tribune. "He [Broja's father] trained me, taught me, made sure I was on the right path as I progressed through the academies at Tottenham and then at Chelsea. 

"I think he had it in his head that his son was gonna be an Albanian icon. Like the Albanian R9.

Armando Broja for Albania

Broja for Albania. 

"You see, growing up, I was all about Cristiano Ronaldo, like most kids of my generation. But my dad was obsessed with the other Ronaldo. The Brazilian. All I used to hear about was R9.

"Except I was too young to have seen him play, and when Dad talked about R9, I didn’t know what he meant. To me it sounded like Arnine.

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His dad would say: “Armando, I want you to be like Arnine! You have to play like Arnine!"

Broja would reply: "Who’s Arnine?"

Ronaldo 9

Ronaldo in action for Brazil back in 1998. 

"Then he showed me YouTube clips. My dad and I would sit there and watch video after video of Ronaldo doing his stuff for Real Madrid and Brazil, my dad filling me in with the details of his career and legend. 

"I quickly fell in love with him too."

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