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Chelsea's Ben Chilwell Breaks Silence Following Injury Against Juventus

Chelsea defender Ben Chilwell has broken his silence after being forced off with an injury against Juventus in midweek.

The injury looks to be a bad one, with Chilwell being ruled out for a minimum of six weeks.

Taking to Instagram, Chilwell has reacted to the lay-off.

He wrote: "Very frustrating picking up an injury in a moment like this when I am really enjoying my football and playing in this team. I will do everything I can to get back on the pitch as soon as possible. Thank you for all the messages of support."

This comes after Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel said that they will focus on the next six weeks before making a decision on Chilwell's return.

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“We need to talk about it again in six weeks, maybe we don’t because everything is fine," he said. "This would be the best case, then there is a worse case and some shades of grey in between. 

"We have to wait. It doesn’t help if we now speak about worst case scenarios because there is a best case scenario. The decision is made, the next weeks will give direction. If there are updates we will give you updates but this is what we have now.”

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