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Chelsea's Malang Sarr Discusses Footballing Transition From Forward to Defender

Chelsea defender Malang Sarr has discussed the transition he underwent to change from a striker to defender at a young age.

The 22-year-old revealed that he used to play as a forward during his youth but soon found his feet at the back.

Speaking to Chelsea's Fifth Stand App, Sarr discussed the transition from striker to defender.


The ex-forward revealed that he looked up to Chelsea legend Didier Drogba as a youngster, modelling his game on the Ivorian.

"Back in the day I was playing as a striker, so I was really looking at the strikers. Thierry Henry was a big thing in France. I was looking at Chelsea too, Didier Drogba was the main guy for us," he said. 

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"He was an African player, doing some great, great things for the club. Growing up, I started playing at the back and looking at Italian defenders, [Paolo] Maldini, people like that and tried to learn from them."


When asked about his playing days in his youth period during his time with Nice, Sarr said: "I used to play from five years old to like 15 years nearly. I started at the back really late. Coaches wanted to try something, play a game and our left-back was injured.

"I was the only left-footer on the pitch so he said let's try it, I played well. I started playing and the coach said to me during the week 'I want you to play centre back'. So I said, 'let's do this'."

Chelsea will be glad Sarr changed positioning, relying on him in recent weeks to fill in at the back and doing a pretty good job.

And now, if the Blues need somebody to find the back of the net, perhaps they can rely on the Frenchman!

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