Christian Pulisic Opens Up on Mental Health Struggles Ahead of Mind Series

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Chelsea and USA star Christian Pulisic has opened up on his struggles with mental health ahead of Chelsea's Mind Series fixtures against Arsenal and Tottenham in pre-season.

 The funds raised from the series will be split between Mind and the respective club Foundations to fund projects that support mental health both in England and abroad.

Speaking to Chelsea FC, Pulisic gave several honest answers regarding his struggles with mental health.

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He said: "This has been a tough time for a lot of people, me included. For me, the most important thing is having a good support system and people around me that I can always rely on and have a chat to. Personally, living alone in Europe has been tough at times. Having someone always there to talk to is extremely important for me, it’s what’s carried me through this time."

Pulisic continued to reveal that he has reached out for further emotional support. 

"When it’s all on you it can really feel like a lot. Personally, during this time, I reached out to a therapist and it’s not something anyone should be ashamed of." he said.

"It’s something that can help talk about the way that you’re feeling. Sometimes just expressing how you feel to somebody else can help you so much. It’s something I’ve done personally and seen other people do. Getting it off your chest, speaking about it is something that can go a long way."

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The American was also keen to praise his teammates and coaching staff for providing a support system during his time at the club.

Pulisic continued: "Getting stuff off your chest, speaking to your teammates and coaches about it - they’re also people who deal with similar things so when you have that conversation it clears your head a lot and feel a lot more free once you’re playing."

The Blues will play Arsenal in the first match of the Mind Series on Sunday 1 August. £5 from each ticket will support charitable projects whilst 25 per cent goes to Mind and 75 per cent will be shared with the respective club Foundations.

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