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What are Conte's future plans?

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Antonio Conte, currently manager of Chelsea, has proven himself by winning the Premier League in his first season, thanks to the masterclass of the formation 3-4-3. Chelsea players, fans and the board want Conte to have as good as a season twice in a row, or even better.

Conte, earlier on in the Summer, was rumoured of leaving the club after not being happy with the board due to their inactivity in the transfer window, and the lack of effort being put into the transfers, especially not even trying for Alex Sandro when it looked most likely.

"The coaches of the previous two champions [Chelsea and Leicester] both lost their jobs [the next season] and we are working very well to find the best solutions and use them," Conte said.

But after a couple of signings, his rumours of leaving finally stopped, and after all of the drama he was going to stay for at least one season, including the signing of his first choice Striker Morata for a club record fee.

But Conte is taking sly digs at the board, trying to hint at them to get on with the transfers, clearly showing he still isn't happy with the transfer window and wants more than just 3 signings. This is also shown with the lack of depth in our squad, at one stage only having 16 first team players.

When asked why he paired Morata with Batshuayi in a 3-4-3? "Conte: “This is a necessity because I don't have other players.”

As seen when managing Juventus, Conte likes to have at least 2 top players in each position he plays. Most managers, normally will have a reserve for each position, especially if they are in as many competitions as we are: Premier League, FA Cup, Capital One Cup and finally the Champions League. Playing in these many competitions will result in injuries and the players needing to be dropped.

Despite the Champions League being the best and the cup which most Chelsea fans are looking forward to, Conte said not to expect a lot in the Champions League, but to also concentrate on the other trophies as well.

Conte said: "I am excited to play in the Champions League with Chelsea, but I know we have a lot of road ahead before we can compete to try to win the Champions League.

As previously said, Conte likes to have 2 good players at least in each position. Therefore, I am going to show you in which positions we are lacking players and in which positions we are fine with (I am expecting we are gong to be using the 3-4-3 formation):

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ST- Michy Batshuayi and Alvaro Morata

LW- Hazard and Musonda

RW- Pedro and Hazard

LWB- Alonso and ...

RWB- Moses and ...

CM- Fabregas, Kante, Bakayoko and possibly Lewis Baker

CB- Cahill, Luiz, Azpilicueta, Rudiger, Christensen

GK- Courtois, Caballero, Eduardo

Chelsea need a couple more players, to have a brilliant season twice in a row, and this will only happen because of the Board and Antonio Conte.

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