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Dedication & Maturity - Romelu Lukaku Highlights Key Traits That He Acquired Since 2014 Chelsea Departure


Belgium's Romelu Lukaku has discussed the key attributes and traits that he has acquired since departing Chelsea in 2014.

The striker returned to the club in the summer and believes that he has matured as both a player and a man.

Speaking to Chelsea FC, Lukaku revealed what he has learned during his time away from London.


"I’m much more calm," he said. "I’ve matured with fatherhood and I’m more laidback. After winning in Italy and knowing what it takes to get there, that really helped me. In the last three years, I’ve been able to build something that I can take on for the rest of my career.

"It can be complicated but when you really set your mind to do something and you really dedicate everything that you have to that goal, you can achieve it. I recognised my little qualities and talent but I also knew what I was not good at and I really spent a lot of time working on those attributes to be the complete package."

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The striker has impressed with his development since departing the club as a youngster and returns as not only an elite forward but also a Ballon d'Or nominee following Inter Milan's Scudetto winning season.

He will be hoping to secure even more silverware this season as the Blues challenge at the top end of the Premier League table, currently sitting first ahead of Liverpool and Manchester City.

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