Every Word Saul Niguez Said After Completing Deadline Day Move to Chelsea On Loan: Atletico Exit, Blues Shirt Number & Competition for Places

Saul has spoken.

Saul Niguez has spoken in depth for the first time since his loan switch to Chelsea this summer.

He joined the Blues on a season-long loan deal on Deadline Day, which also includes an option to buy the Spaniard on a permanent basis next summer for £30 million.

The 26-year-old adds to the midfield to give Thomas Tyuchel more depth and competition to select from, alongside the likes of N'Golo Kante, Jorginho and Mateo Kovacic.

Saul expressed his excitement immediately when signing for the Blues. But after completing his last-minute switch to Chelsea, he took to Twitch to speak to Ibai Llanos in a long interview.

Here's what the new Blues signing had to say:

Chaotic ending to Deadline Day move

"At 11:57 p.m. we finished reviewing the contract and they had to see it there ... I was like De Gea," he said, as quoted by Marca. "I thought: 'This is not going to come in and that's it.' It has been a long afternoon and night. My wife was very nervous, we have had some very complicated days, because this decision is not easy. Leaving my house on a new adventure is complicated."

When Saul made Chelsea decision

"When they gave me the offer and they told me that it can be done, I told my agents I had to talk to my family. Two days before I told my wife that I was staying. I felt good in the team, as always. The only thing is that I felt stuck for not playing in my position. My head did not accept my new role of playing in a new position."

Competition at Chelsea

"The three midfielders who are playing are at a high level, it will not be easy to play, but if I put my mind to it and fight it, I can get it."

Conversations with Diego Simeone

"I have had several conversations with Cholo about my positions, because it does not come from now, I have been like this for three years. I owe everything to him, I have a great relationship with him but he has to be selfish and think about the group. He thinks that with me on the side the group performs better, it has to. But in this all parties come out winning. The club and the coach bring a player they wanted and I go to a great club that loved me."

Playing in preferred position at Chelsea

"Chelsea has promised me to train in my position (midfield), to play we will see. To return to certain customs that I do not do now, that is the most important reason for my decision."

Challenge and loan to buy option

"I want to go, try the experience and see what happens. Then I don't want to think further. And I want to meet and see the Saul that I want to see. Not the Saul that they have seen these two years. It frustrated me not to see what I could achieve. I was feeling stuck and now I hope I can unblock myself."

Worried about staying at Atletico Madrid?

"All my options were good. Staying was spectacular and going to Chelsea, too. Staying was not uncomfortable, even if they asked me to play as a winger, as a forward ... At the beginning of summer I found out that the club wanted me to leave and that is a blow, but I have played the three games without thinking if I was leaving or not."

How Atletico Madrid exit happened

"I asked Simeone to train in my position, not to play anymore, to find myself happy and find my best version. When they told that they thought that the best thing was to go out and it was the best for everyone. For me it has been the most difficult decision of my life and I have been advised by many people."

Saying goodbye to the Atletico Madrid fans

"It's a shame not being able to say goodbye to the fans. If I had known that the other day was the last day I would have done something else, approaching them and let them see what I feel. Supposedly that day I was staying, three days ago (against Villarreal) And yesterday it was also that I stayed. It was all today."

Adapting to life at Chelsea

"The team is the host and then you have to adapt to the coach, to the city ... Today I have not read anything, other days they did tell me to go to Chelsea and other teams, and I feel that I have affection for people in England.

"This transfer is a step out of my comfort zone for me. I believe that you will see a new Saúl in a new place."

Kepa Arrizabalaga influence

"It is very important that he be there," he continued, as quoted by the Mail. "It is an important step. If he had not been there, it would have been different.

"Going on loan for a year and having a partner with whom I have been spending many years in the lower categories of the National Team is important."

On Chelsea

"They are a fantastic team in the Premier League. I don’t speak English, I want to learn it. I know how to say what my name is! That’s it.

"They are the Champions of Europe. It’s very positive for me. My parents can’t believe it. They are Atletico fans! It’s a great opportunity for me, they are happy for me."

He added"I'm looking forward to the trip, I'm about to go packing my suitcase. I want to be there and start a new adventure."

What shirt number he will wear at Chelsea

He is set to wear the no.17, stating: "It’s a number I had at Atletico Madrid, it’s a number I like. I had it at Atletico. I had it in my early days."

Training and next steps

"I don't know what my plan is for tomorrow. Probably when I arrive I will go to the hotel and then immediately to training. Later, I will probably have to spend time with the club media, do interviews, photos..."

Focusing on the future

"Now all I think about is going to England, getting in shape and being happy again," Saul said. "Who knows, maybe I will go there and it will be so great that I will not want to come back? I don't want to promise anything now. I want to focus on what awaits me."

Message for Chelsea fans 

"Chelsea fans have been writing to me for days asking if I will come or not," he laughed. "I myself did not know yet. I hope now I can make them enjoy playing good football."

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