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‘For a Split Second’ - Jorginho His Euros Penalty After Facing Jordan Pickford Again

Jorginho has admitted that he was thinking about his missed penalty against England in the Euros.

Jorginho is known for his penalties. He takes them for Chelsea and he also takes them for the Italian national team.

He very rarely misses them but last summer, the 30-year-old missed the most important one of his career.

After the EUROs final against England went to penalties, Jorginho stepped up and all he had to do was score and become the hero for his country.


However, Jordan Pickford pulled off a miraculous save to keep England in the game. As we know though, Bukayo Saka went on to miss the next penalty and Italy won the tournament anyway.

Despite his penalty miss not meaning much, Jorginho admitted after the opening Premier League game vs Everton that he was thinking about the previous one that Pickford saved.

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"I think about things when I’m stood over the ball ready to take a penalty and of course I thought about that moment for a split second [Euros penalty miss],’ Jorginho told

"Throughout the week I work on my penalties and I look at what the opposition goalkeeper does, which way he tends to dive and what he might do in that moment to try and save the shot.

"I was thinking about that and in my head I took the decision on where to hit the ball and thankfully, this time, it was the right choice.

"I was definitely thinking of my last penalty against him [Pickford] and for me, a penalty is 70/75 per cent in the head. There’s a lot of psychology that goes into it.

"I trained a lot in the week for this moment. It came and fortunately for me and the team it went well!"

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