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Former Chief Executive of UNICEF Appointed to Establish Foundation for £2.5BN Chelsea Sale Proceeds to Be Donated to Ukraine

Mike Penrose, a former chief executive of UNICEF UK and Soccer Aid, has been recruited to establish the foundation that would be charged with using the £2.5 billion proceeds from the sale of Chelsea to benefit victims of the war in Ukraine, it has been revealed.

This comes just hours after it was reported that the sale has been thrown into doubt due to the lack of assurances from Abramovich.

As per Mark Kleinman of Sky News, Penrose has been appointed to be in charge of establishing the foundation to distribute the proceeds of the Chelsea sale to victims in Ukraine.


Furthermore, Penrose is currently in eastern Ukraine and has told Sky News that he has never met or spoken to Abramovich.

The former chief executive of UNICEF believes that if politics are removed from the creation of the new foundation, the donation will benefit the lives of millions of people.

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It was previously reported that Abramovich played a role in peace talks between Russia and Ukraine in the early stages.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for the US President Joe Biden to not sanction Abramovich in order to facilitate peace talks back in March.


The Blues owner has outlined his desire to donate the proceeds of the Chelsea sale to victims of the war in Ukraine, which the Government are making extremely difficult as they believe there have been lack of assurances as to where the money will go, ensuring that Abramovich will not benefit.

Blues fans will be hopeful that Penrose's role could see the sale of Chelsea speed through as he begins to set up the foundation to help the people of Ukraine, outlining a clear plan to donate the proceeds of the sale to Ukraine.

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