Frank Lampard defends Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger over Son Heung-min red card

Antonio Rudiger came under criticism from Jose Mourinho after Son Heung-min was shown a red card.
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Chelsea head coach Frank Lampard has defended defender Antonio Rudiger after Jose Mourinho criticised the German for his part in Son Heung-min getting sent off in the London derby at the weekend.

The Korean was shown a red card, following a check by VAR, after kicking out at the centre-back during Chelsea's 2-0 win in north London

But Jose Mourinho heavily criticised the 26-year-old following the dismissal, telling him to 'stand up and play',

"I'm not speaking about the racism incident, this is another thing. I am speaking about that incident, the red card," Mourinho said.

"In the Premier League I love there is no space also for what Rudiger did. Stand up and play man. This is the Premier League."

Tottenham have appealed to the Premier League following the red card decision, but Frank Lampard has come to the defense of his player. 

"I do defend Toni firmly on it," Lampard said in his press conference on Tuesday.

"With Toni, in this incident when he's having to post after the game about something we know is a huge deal [racism], I think to question his integrity in that time is disappointing for sure.

"Pretty universally, certainly what I heard in the commentary and the post-match reflection was that the Son incident was a red card.

"It wasn't brutal but it was instinctive that warrants a red card in the modern day. It was pretty clear that was the case. I wouldn't question Toni's integrity on that."


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