Frank Lampard wants offensive chanting stopped at Chelsea

Matt Debono

In an enthralling pre-season encounter, seven goals were scored in which Chelsea came out on top and scored four. 

Huge support was shown for head coach Frank Lampard, who it was his first game in charge of the Blues in England, after having travelled to Ireland and Japan. 

However, one chant that was sung by the name of 'scored 200 against the p****s' didn't go down well with Lampard who wants all offensive chanting to stop.

"If there's a song that has words that are offensive, I don't want to hear that. And that's me saying that as a big Chelsea man.

"We don't want to hear that. The club are very strong in the work they do off the pitch in terms of anything that's offensive, or prejudiced. I think we've made a big mark on that in modern years. We don't want that [song]."