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Frank Lampard will drop Kepa Arrizabalaga from Chelsea side if necessary

Kepa Arrizabalaga has come underfire for his performances for Chelsea.
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Chelsea head coach Frank Lampard has admitted he isn't scared to drop Kepa Arrizabalaga from in between the sticks for Willy Caballero.

Arrizabalaga has been heavily criticised for many of his performances, and it continued at the weekend after Newcastle United grabbed a late winner against the Blues.

Many though that Kepa should have dealt with Isaac Hayden's header which resulted in a goal, as the Spaniard could only push it into the goal. 


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Willy Caballero has yet to make an appearance in the Premier League this season for Chelsea, and has just two games to his name this term, both coming in the League Cup.  

As quoted by Football.London, Lampard revealed he would make a change should he believe it's necessary.

"If I felt there was a need to change I would," Lampard said. "Obviously I haven't done yet and Willy is fantastic in his role here. It's a difficult job being a No 2 goalkeeper when it's not so many games and a lot of training.

"He does that fantastically when he steps in and when he's in the dressing room he's brilliant. So I obviously haven't seen it that way yet."

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Arrizabalaga currently holds the worst save percentage in the Premier League with 55%.

Frank Lampard responded to whether the Spaniard is one of the best in his position in the world, and admits he still needs to improve his game. 

"[It's a] Difficult question. I don't want to get on that comparison," Lampard added. "I agree that the fee is something that brings all the eyes on. I think that was the case last season and is the same this.

"But I want to come away from that and just talk about what we can do here and as I said before about generally with players, is about how we can all improve.

"And without a doubt with Kepa there is improvement he'll want to make. He should do. I like his attitude in that he's on himself and wants to be the best he can be.

"So it's what he can do for himself. I mentioned the weekend, where I think he probably could have saved a goal but there have been other times where he has made saves - Watford away sticks out, in the last seconds where he made a similar kind of save to what he didn't make at the weekend.

"I'm happy with him but as I say, I always want better."


Can Kepa Arrizabalaga pick up his form on Tuesday evening against Arsenal, and keep a clean sheet against the Gunners? Let us know what your stance is on the Spanish goalkeeper.


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