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Gabby Agbonlahor Says Thomas Tuchel Is Jumping on the ‘Bandwagon’ Over Anthony Taylor

Gabby Agbonlahor has said that Anthony Taylor should referee Chelsea games despite numerous mistakes.

It's safe to say that Anthony Taylor isn't the most popular person amongst Chelsea fans at the moment.

In fact, there is a petition that has over 150,000 signatures to stop him from ever refereeing a Blues game again.

It's not just the supporters who aren't a fan of the official, with Thomas Tuchel admitting his players share the shame feeling.

After the game, Tuchel said that it's not just Chelsea fans who always feel hard done by when Taylor referee's the Blues.

Anthony Taylor Thomas Tuchel

“I can assure you that the whole dressing room, every single person thinks that,” the German said.

However, not everyone agrees with the German's stance on Taylor not being able to referee Chelsea games again.

Speaking to Football Insider, Gabby Agbonlahor was asked if he agreed with Tuchel's comments about Anthony Taylor; “No, I don’t.

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“I’m the first one to hammer referees but I thought Anthony Taylor, yes, he made some mistakes, but why would he have a problem with Chelsea? He’s got no reason to have a problem with Chelsea.

“Chelsea got decisions in the game. I feel Chelsea fans, Thomas Tuchel and ex-players are just jumping on the bandwagon.

Kai Havertz Anthony Taylor

“There has been a petition to stop him refereeing Chelsea games. If I’m the FA and the Premier League, I’m ignoring all of this.

“If Anthony Taylor has got to do a Chelsea game, he does it.

“When you look at different angles of the [Kai] Havertz challenge I thought it was a foul and then I see another angle and it looks like he’s got the ball.

“They’ve got a lot to do to go and score that goal. Look at your defending.

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