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Graham Potter got off to a winning start in the Premier League yesterday with a win over Crystal Palace, courtesy of a Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang goal. It was an important result for the Blue's, who moved into the top five ahead of Manchester United.

The new Chelsea boss is on grounds that he may not have faced before. Brighton were rarely favourites, and not always expected to win every game. At Chelsea, he will be.

Arsene Wenger has offered some advice for Potter, which will definitely be taken into consideration by the Chelsea boss as he ventures through new challenges.

Graham Potter

Graham Potter got off to a winning start against Crystal Palace.

Speaking on BEIN Sports earlier today, Wenger had this to say about Graham Potter at Chelsea.

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"Contrary to what people think you have three months, not two years, to convince people around you,"

"You have to win games first. That gives you power and strength in the room. I think the players are intelligent but they are animals who look at your weakness, you have to convince them that you can help them to win".

Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger had some advice for Graham Potter.

Potter will have gained respect from the dressing room after yesterday's win, but that will need to become more frequent as time goes on. 

Time is not something that's granted at Chelsea football club, and it is something Graham Potter will have to make the most of to prove he's the right man.

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