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'Hard to Understand' - Thomas Tuchel Blasts Premier League for Brighton vs Chelsea Arrangement

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has stated that it is 'hard to understand' why the Premier League have rearranged the Blues' trip to Brighton for Tuesday rather than Wednesday.

The clash was originally set to take place in February whilst Chelsea are competing in the Club World Cup and therefore has been brought forward.

Speaking ahead of the fixture, Tuchel was critical of the Premier League's decision.


This comes after Chelsea technical advisor Petr Cech vented his frustrations, and the Blues boss Tuchel agrees with his collegue.

“Very hard to understand," he said. "I think Petr Cech gave our opinion on that, the clubs opinion and our teams opinion. I strongly agree with Petr on that.

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“It has nothing to do with (match vs Manchester) City. Three away games in a row, both Brighton and we have our next game on Sunday so there was no need to put it on a Tuesday. (One day more) would have (made a difference). Brighton played on Friday so makes a huge difference for them also."


It is clear that the club would have benefitted from another days rest as the fixtures pile up for Tuchel's men, who are still involved in up to five competitions.

The Club World Cup is coming up for the Blues, who must first face Tottenham Hotspur and Plymouth Argyle before travelling to Abu Dhabi.

There has been next to no rest for the Blues as they have fallen thirteen points behind league leaders Manchester City but find themselves in the Carabao Cup final.

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