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Chelsea Head Coach Thomas Tuchel Reacts to Coach of the Year Award

Thomas Tuchel has reacted to picking up the SPORTBILD Coach of the Year award.

The 48-year-old was handed the award by the German outlet on Wednesday morning following his impressive first 10 months in charge of the Blues.

Following his January appointment at the beginning of 2021, Tuchel guided Chelsea to Champions League glory in May, also taking them to an FA Cup final as well as securing a top four finish.

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Tuchel overcame his European demons after defeat with PSG against Bayern Munich in the final in the previous season. 

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He spoke of his achievements and responded to whether he felt satisfaction over redeeming himself in Europe's elite competition. 

"If someone had asked us to do this beforehand, we would have said: 'It doesn't work'," said Tuchel.

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"So I only feel confirmed not to set too many specific goals - because otherwise you might set them too low for yourself. We want to give the maximum every day in order to achieve as much as possible afterwards. That it would lead us to such a success was of course not foreseeable when we walked in here."

He continued: "It's very difficult for me to come to terms with defeats, and it's always a process. But I don't feel any satisfaction, it's more of an unbelievable relief and an insane feeling of happiness - and at the same time you are afraid that you will lose it again quickly. Longing for the moment of the final whistle in the final because you are leading - and not wanting it a year earlier because you still need a goal - it is hardly possible to get more black and white."

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