"It’s his prerogative" - Chelsea boss Frank Lampard doesn't expect any favours from owner Roman Abramovich

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Chelsea manager Frank Lampard is aware that his legacy at the club does not insulate him from the pressure that comes with the managerial role.

The Blues have endured a difficult few weeks of late - dropping from first to ninth in the league space in the space of a month, suffering four defeats in their last six league outings along the way.

Previewing his side's FA Cup clash against Morecambe, Lampard said, as relayed by Goal: "All I want to concentrate on is the job in hand, I can’t control everything and I certainly don’t want to rely on what’s happened in the past.


“What I see right now in terms of the position of the club, a month ago everything was rosy. Now everything – and very quickly – is negative. I have to look positively and things I can’t control outside of that I feel are a waste of time.

“I have felt huge support from this club in the period I’ve been back as a manager. As a player, I felt huge support for 13 years and, in the end, I left the club because they wanted to move onto other things."

Lampard, who won three Premier League titles as a Chelsea player after Abramovich's takeover in 2004, understands the level expectation that comes with job at Stamford Bridge.

He added: “I understand what football is. I understand the demands and expectations. So I don’t think I have earned the right for anything that takes me out of that situation. All I can do is be honest with how I see things.

"I understand there is work to be done here and the position we are in. The young players had a tough year last year and with the new players coming in this year who are expected to produce at a young age immediately, there are going to be challenges.”

Lampard maintains a good relationship with Abramovich, and credits the investment that the Russian billionaire that made into the club for the success he's tasted in his playing days.

The 42-year-old said: "It’s, of course, his prerogative. I have to sit here and say that when he came to Chelsea all those years ago, it made my career. 

"Who knows where I might have gone otherwise in my career, but fortunately I was at a club that the owner bought into and absolutely changed the face of it.

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"That changed my life and I understand that. However, I don’t think that should give me a head start. I’m here and I think the job I did last season, to finish fourth, was a huge positive given the constraints. After that, I need to go again."

Lampard knows that it is not meant to be a smooth path for him as Chelsea manager, and that he will face hurdles along the way, and will have to learn to deal with, and move on from such set-backs.

He added: "I never felt it would be a straight line, I was very aware of that before the start of the season and particularly because we didn’t have time to work with the new players.

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"I remember coming to this club a long time ago and in year one I was probably an average Premier League midfielder.

"Year two, I was better than that. Year three, again the same. And from year four onwards, my levels rose to levels where I could really contribute to the club. When I look at the new players, I look at things like that. That’s how I see it.

"The rest of the details is how I work with the players. But I can’t jump out of that and dictate what anyone else thinks.”


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