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Jersey Authorities Launch Probe Into Chelsea Owner Roman Abramovich's Wealth

Authorities in the offshore financial centre of Channel Island Jersey are conducting an investigation into Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, according to reports. 

The Blues owner has been previously sanctioned by the UK Government and forced to sell his beloved Chelsea.

As per the Wall Street Journal, authorities in Jersey are looking into the Russian's wealth among other things.


The report continues to state that they are also investigating concerts that a business partner helped the billionaire try to evade sanctions placed on him by the United Kingdom. 

The 'probe' is set to investigate how he acquired his oil companies in the 1990s.

Abramovich 'parked' much of his wealth in the offshore island and the officials will not try to work out whether any of the money was 'made illicitly'.

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Furthermore, they are looking into whether trustees of Abramovich failed to follow regulations.

The 'probe' is in its initial stage and hasn't yet become a formal investigation, sources told the WSJ.


This comes following reports that the Government were set to approve the takeover of Chelsea, with an official announcement expected within 24 hours, which will see Abramovich no longer associated with the club.

It was reported that Chelsea's owner had told the government that they want to restructure the way the club is being sold to repay the debts, which led to uncertainty as the sanctions placed on the Russian meant that he could not benefit from the sale.

However, Abramovich is set to set up a charity to donate all proceeds to victims of the war in Ukraine as the Chelsea sale reaches a conclusion ahead of the new probe into him.

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