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Jorginho Apologises to Chelsea Fans for West Ham Penalty Miss

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Chelsea midfielder Jorginho has apologised for his penalty miss against West Ham United in the Premier League on Sunday.

The Italian took a poor spot-kick in the 87th minute, which was saved by Lukasz Fabianski just minutes before Christian Pulisic netted a winner in the dying embers.

Speaking ahead of Chelsea's trip to Old Trafford on Thursday night, via Football Daily, Jorginho opened up on his penalty miss.


He said: "It's a lot of pressure especially in games like this when you need to win and last-minute, and you try to isolate your mind from all that pressure, even though that's hard.

"Then you have the VAR so it takes longer, it's harder to keep focused. What you need to do, why I try to do, is isolate my mind of all this fog and pressure, and unfortunately this time it didn't work."

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The Italian finalised by apologising to fans and admitting that he feels bad for the miss.


"When you have that little moment of doubt, that is usually when you make a mistake so maybe I had too much time to think about it. I don't know. This time it went like that. I'm sorry, I feel bad because it's not a nice feeling," he concluded.

This comes after Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel defended Jorginho's decision to stick by his penalty technique against West Ham.

"It works for us normally to 100%," he told Sky Sports. "It was never necessary to change. It can happen. Hopefully it is an unusual thing. He is disappointed but happy we could turn it around."

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