Live: The latest on Chelsea and the European Super League


The latest on the developments on Chelsea and the ongoing developments of the European Super League.

Chelsea and the 11 other clubs who announced their participation in the new competition have received heavy backlash from across the footballing world; from governing bodies, to fans, to supporters groups and the media. 


Six English clubs have backed the proposal - Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal. 

Here are the latest developments on the ESL:

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9.33pm [UK]

Apologies for the delays due to Chelsea playing Brighton. 

Manchester City have confirmed their departure from the ESL. 

7.28pm [UK]

Manchester United are the next to withdraw.

7.20pm [UK]

Various: Manchester City and Atletico Madrid will withdraw from ESL. Barcelona are set to withdraw as well.

7.19pm [UK]

Mail: Chelsea's intention to pull out of ESL will be provided either tonight or tomorrow morning. Chelsea withdrawing from ESL is NOT a reaction to tonight's events. Wheels were in motion earlier today.

7.00pm [UK]

The Times, Athletic, Goal are now all reporting that Chelsea are set to leave the European Super League.

6.50pm [UK]

BBC: Chelsea are now preparing documentation to request withdrawing from the ESL.

6.19pm [UK]


6.15pm [UK]

iNews: The UK Government are looking at changing law on football club ownership to stop Super League.

5.58pm [UK]

Banner of the evening at Stamford Bridge goes to:

5.53pm [UK]

Athletic: As of last night, coach Thomas Tuchel hadn’t addressed the Chelsea players about the subject of ESL and was just making sure they focused on their match against Brighton this evening. 

5.51pm [UK]

Athletic: Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck met with the squad before training on Monday morning to confirm the club’s move to join the European Super League.

It is believed Chelsea players are not happy about the ESL plans and are in a state of shock at what has transpired.

5.48pm [UK]

5.22pm [UK]

Chelsea fans outside Stamford Bridge protesting.

5.19pm [UK]

talkSPORT: The threat of Chelsea and Ma City being booted out of the Champions League is 'very real'. 

4.54pm [UK]

RMC Sport: UEFA will welcome the Super League clubs if they change their mind.

4.27pm [UK]

Update from Reuters: The Madrid court [preliminary] ruling also says UEFA and FIFA must not impose sanctions [ie bans] on clubs or players until the court has fully considered the Super League case.

4.19pm [UK]

Outside Stamford Bridge:

4.16pm [UK]

Sky Sports: AC Milan chief executive Ivan Gazidis believes the proposed Super League will be good for football fans 'all over the world'.

4.06pm [UK]

Reuters: A Madrid court makes preliminary ruling prohibiting UEFA and FIFA from stopping the launch of Super League.

3.56pm [UK]

Reaction from John Terry on Instagram: "What has happened to our beautiful game..."

3.55pm [UK]

RMC: UEFA is preparing a counterattack on the Super League. They are working with an investment fund to come up with a new Champions' League that would have a starting budget of €4.5BN, which could go up to €7BN.

3.52pm [UK]

Sky: Senior executive at one of the 'big six' breakaway clubs called a senior executive at one of the other Premier League 14 clubs this morning:

"We don’t want to leave the Premier League but people haven’t been listening to us here. We are still open to having a dialogue with you [other 14 Premier League clubs]."

3.51pm [UK]

Aston Villa boss Dean Smith on ESL: "Maybe the big clubs look at the league table and don’t like Leicester City and West Ham in the top four. Who says in a few years it’s not a big 12 or big 14? I’ve been in game for 34 years and I’ve never seen anything that’s brought the football family together like this."

3.46pm [UK]

Sky: The anger of the 14 Premier League clubs is not directed at the 'big six' breakaway clubs but at a small number of their owners and executives. The other 14 Premier League clubs want the 'big six' clubs to stay in the league, but the feeling is that certain people from the 'big six' clubs would not be welcome back at the Premier League again.

3.43pm [UK]

Telegraph: The other 14 Premier League clubs are united in belief that this is a battle they 'must and can win' over ESL plans.

3.32pm [UK]

Mail: There are suggestions that at least two of the six English founder members are wobbling over the Super League.

3.27pm [UK]

Telegraph: Although it was not said explicitly, there is a belief one of the 'big six' will fold regarding ESL because the pressure externally, and internally from players and managers is that great.

3.11pm [UK]

Telegraph: The Chelsea Pitch Owners is re-examining the Stamford Bridge lease in light of Chelsea joining The Super League. The CPO board will meet to discuss on Thursday.

3.05pm [UK]

Official via Fabrizio Romano: Bayern Munich have said to playing in the European Super League.

"Bayern will not play in Super League, absolutely," says Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

3.04pm [UK]

The scenes outside Stamford Bridge ahead of the organised protests.

2.49pm [UK]

Sky: The 14 Premier League clubs don’t want a lengthy legal dispute regarding ESL but are angry with behaviour of the owners/executives of 'big six'.

2.18pm [UK]

Premier League Official: The 14 clubs at the meeting unanimously and vigorously rejected the plans for the competition. The Premier League is considering all actions available to prevent it from progressing, as well as holding those Shareholders involved to account under its rules.

2.12pm [UK]

BBC: The Premier League breakaway crisis meeting over. Statement to come shortly.

2.11pm [UK]

Financial Times: Plans for the ESL show an unprecedented effort to cap player wages and share wealth between football’s richest clubs. The measures, which range from revenue-sharing arrangements to strict spending limits, closely resemble the structure of top US sports leagues.

Super League clubs are pushing ahead with a project they believe will raise upwards of €4BN a season from global broadcasting and sponsorship rights.

Super League clubs have also signed up to a 'tax equalisation' clause so that 'income tax on salaries shall be normalised and calculated at a rate of 45 per cent'.

2pm [UK]

Daily Mail: Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson has called an emergency meeting of the Premier League captains to discuss a response to ESL.

1.55pm [UK]

UEFA: "The 55 member associations unanimously approve a declaration strongly condemning the so-called 'Super League'."

1.53pm [UK]

Goal: Chelsea's players and staff have held a meeting with club chairman Bruce Buck ahead of a clash with Brighton on Tuesday night, with fears regarding the breakaway Super League competition up for discussion.

There was no communication from above ahead of the announcement on Sunday evening, leaving club staff to receive the news in the same way that the general public did.

It is thought that several players in the Blues group are concerned after hearing UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin threaten action on them in the coming weeks should the club stand firm.

1.50pm [UK]

Man City boss Pep Guardiola on ESL: "We want the best Premier League in the world. I love to be here, I love this Premier League."

More: "The people have to clarify, today better than tomorrow, tomorrow better than the day after. Come out, a world-wide issue, and clarify."

1.44pm [UK]

Man City boss Pep Guardiola on ESL: "UEFA have failed if it has come to this and they, the Premier League, and every other team is looking out for themselves."

1.39pm [UK]

Man City boss Pep Guardiola on ESL: "It is not sport when the relation between effort and success doesn't exist."

1.34pm [UK]

Sky Sports: A Super League official has said: "UEFA as a governing body are not listening to the clubs and are monopolising competitive football. The reality is the Champions’ League is not a commercial success.

"Clubs have no say over the infrastructure and governance of the competition. There are ways we could change that, but UEFA simply refuse to relinquish any control.

"We’re being stopped from developing our clubs. Being constantly held back has become too frustrating hence where we find ourselves today. These frustrations can be traced back 15 or 20 years.

"We don’t want war! It’s not our intention. But everyone else want to turn it into a war. We’ve simply been forced to do things another way."

1.31pm [UK]

Telegraph: Chelsea and the other ESL clubs face being sued for billions of pounds if they pull out of the competition. A source at one of the so-called ‘Big Six’ Premier League sides to sign up to it has confirmed they have penned a 'binding agreement' to that effect.

1.23pm [UK]

What we know so far:

Independent: All clubs part of ESL are 'still on board'. There is still 'full commitment' within the Super League to the project.

BILD: Several English clubs doubts have grown in the last 24 hours over the backlash of the ESL.

BBC: It remains unclear how easy it would be for any of the 'big six' to now extract themselves from the European Super League if contracts have been signed.

BBC: The breakaway clubs insisting reports today of cracks starting to appear among the 'big six’, with suggestions Chelsea and Man City are reconsidering, are nothing more than 'mischief-making', and that the rebel alliance remains firm. Suggestions of reports to the contrary are also being said.

Times: At least one of the ‘big six’ English clubs is considering whether to withdraw from the new Super League after being taken aback by the volume of opposition, including from their own fans.

POLITICO: One of the big six English clubs is now seriously considering pulling out of the Super League.

Guardian: Chelsea and Manchester City are wavering about joining the European Super League, according to a well-placed executive at another club approached to join the breakaway league.

ESPN: UEFA are not considering the expulsion of clubs from their competitions this week and that next week's fixtures will go ahead.

Mail: Two English clubs are close to losing their nerve over ESL.

Chelsea FC: Joined European Super League and have left the European Club Association

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