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Lukaku: Chelsea Showing Statement of Intent to Tackle Racist and Online Abuse

Romelu Lukaku has backed Chelsea's stance of taking a 'strong position' over tackling racist and online abuse.

It comes after Marcos Alonso revealed his reasons to why he would stop taking the knee this season before games because of the feeling it's losing some strength. 

His manager Thomas Tuchel backed his intentions behind his decision, and now Lukaku believes more should be done between Premier League captains and social media companies to try to address the issues

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Chelsea launched their 'No to Hate' campaign back in March which Lukaku is a firm backer of. The 28-year-old thinks the work his club is doing is strong and wants them to continue to be an example in the right to tackle racist and online abuse.

What Romelu Lukaku said

Speaking to CNN, Lukaku said: “I think right now, from the owner to us, the players, we as a club... We are really putting out a statement and taking a position that stuff like that should not be tolerated.

“Because, in our team, we have a lot of players that represent the club from different nationalities, different skin colours, different religions, also the women's team where it's the same thing.

“So, I think us as a club, I think we should be an example for the other teams and basically say that, you know, whenever a form of discrimination is happening, that the club is taking a strong position and prosecuting everything that's happening in the stands.”

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