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Marc Cucurella Opens Up About His Decision to Leave Barcelona

Marc Cucurella has opened up about the hard decision he faced whilst playing for Barcelona.

At the age of 14, Marc Cucurella joined Barcelona's academy from Spanish side Espanyol.

The Spaniard spent eight more years with the Catalonian side, however, he never made an appearance for their first team.

Due to this, in 2020 he decided to move to Getafe where he impressed and secured himself a move to the Premier League after Brighton paid £16million for him.

Marc Cucurella

Then, this summer, one year after signing for the Seagulls, the 24-year-old got bought by Chelsea for a reported fee of £62million, making him the most expensive left-back in history.

Barcelona will be kicking themselves let him leave all those years ago but it seems like the Spaniard isn't too fussed about it.

Speaking in his first press conference as a Chelsea player, via Football London, Cucurella spoke about his career path and how he is happy that he left Barcelona.

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"Of course, it’s difficult because in my case, I had always stayed in Barcelona, my family is always here. It’s difficult to change to another city, another club, and the style is different.

Marc Cucurella

"I understood I needed to go one step down to play a lot of minutes and play well. I think it was a long time - maybe four or five years – I stayed at maybe not the biggest clubs.

"But in my mind, I always focused on playing, and maybe one day I would have the opportunity [to sign with a big club].

"I think maybe one of the best decisions in my life was leaving Barcelona to join maybe smaller teams. They give me opportunities. Maybe if I didn’t leave, I would have stayed on the bench for a long time and I never come here."

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