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Mason Mount: What 'Brilliant' Thomas Tuchel Brings to Chelsea Squad

Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount has spoken out about how much of an influence manager Thomas Tuchel has had at the squad since joining.

Tuchel took over from Frank Lampard at the west London club back in January 2021 and has since gone on to win the Champions League and the UEFA Super Cup.

The German tactician has transformed Chelsea into the most in form club in the world right now, having recently scored seven goals in their last two games against Leicester and Juventus.

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Speaking to Sky Sports ahead of his side's Premier League clash with eighth placed Manchester United on Sunday afternoon, Mount explained how important Tuchel's role at Chelsea has been.

"He is brilliant to work under," said Mount. "he is very intense when the games come around and in training, but off the field he is very relaxed, someone you can talk to and he puts his arm around you.

"So it is the best of both, but when you do not perform, he will not be happy and will tell you. And that is definitely something that keeps us on our toes and keeps us going.

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"We have set a very high standard and we always want to keep that going and training is a big thing.


"We always look at the opposition a few days before we play them, but most of it is just focusing on ourselves.

"We know what we can do as a team and if we are doing those simple things the best we can, then we are always able to open up those pockets of space and create chances.

"Defensively that has been a big change for us and we do not really give many chances away and that starts from the front, the way we press at the front sets the tone and at the back, with the change of formation and the shape we do play, it helps at the back so the full-backs can press the side where the ball is, there is cover the other way and just move and that has really helped us."

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