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Nick Candy Discusses Ruthless Decision Making as Chelsea Owner Ahead of Potential Takeover

British businessman Nick Candy has revealed how important decision making is as Chelsea owner, ahead of his potential takeover of the west London side.

Candy, a Chelsea season ticket holder, has expressed his interest in buying the club off the hands of current owner Roman Abramovich and is said to have made a bid ahead of the deadline on Friday 18 March.

The takeover comes after Roman Abramovich, who has been the owner of Chelsea since 2003, was sanctioned by the UK government in recent weeks for his 'close ties' with Vladimir Putin.


When asked about decision making as a potential Chelsea owner, Candy highlighted the importance of decision making, praising the ruthless nature of Roman Abramovich.

“In business you have to make the right decisions at the right time," he said, as quoted by the Sun.

“It’s a testament to how many trophies are in the cabinet that, actually, probably those were the right decisions and Roman was quick to make them.

“Sometimes I may not have agreed with them myself.

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“I think with Frank he went a bit too early and probably watching the Champions League being picked up at the end of the season was quite difficult for him.

“But he loves Chelsea, so at the same time it was probably a nice thing to see as he put some of the foundations in.”


Candy went on to reveal the changes his consortium bid will bring to the European champions.

“If you can have the best investor from Africa, India, America, Asia, as we have in our bid, and they use the fans in that part of the world to make money for the club back at home, fantastic.

“And why can’t we have offshoots of the club in South Korea or Los Angeles or wherever it is?

“City have probably done the best job of the feeder clubs. They run it properly, they’re amazing.”

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