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'Not All Stories Can End in Fairytales' - Demba Ba's Brutally Honest Response to Steven Gerrard Slip


Former Blue Demba Ba has made a brutally honest admission regarding his feelings about Steven Gerrard's slip in 2014 which cost his side the Premier League title against Chelsea.

The striker pounced on Gerrard's mistake before running in on goal to put Chelsea 1-0 up in a match that ended 2-0 to Jose Mourinho's side.

Speaking to the Athletic, Ba was asked whether he feels sorry for the former Liverpool captain.

Ba replied: “No, not really. Because that’s the game. You make errors and others take advantage. What Steven Gerrard has done for the world of football is tremendous. But this is life, unfortunately. Not all stories can end in fairytales.”

The forward, who joined Chelsea in 2013 from Newcastle, scored the goal that would break Liverpool's hearts just one year later and has gone down in Chelsea folkelaw ever since, even having his own chant about the match made by the Blues fans.

Ba admitted that he didn't realise how big the goal was at the time.

He continued: "I only realised how big a deal that was a couple of years later, when people still talked about it. They still talk about it! It was traumatic for them. But we didn’t enjoy the fact that we killed their dream, we simply enjoyed winning.”

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