Paree's opinion on Lukaku and other transfers

Matt Debono

This post is almost like a debate, deciding whether we should buy Lukaku and whether he is really worth the money. Please leave your opinions down below on if you think we should buy him...

First of all, go and (check out the comparison of Lukaku and Costa- title for hyperlink to the post once posted) which was written by Jeremy, which will help you with understanding this and seeing the many different views.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Going back in time to the end of the 2012, where he was loaned out to West Brom scoring 17 goals in 35 games. Played for Chelsea once again in the UEFA Super Cup against Bayern, missed the penalty to allow Bayern to win, and was loaned to Everton scoring 15 goals in 31 games and then being finally sold to Everton.

Since then, he has proven himself to be a footballer who scores many goals, very strong, got a few skills and has definitely improved from what we saw of him when he was very young.

Now at the moment it seems closes and closer to us signing him. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, he said his future had been decided and our legend Lampard was only talking about him a few days ago.

July 1st is one of the most important dates in Chelsea's history. That date will change the whole transfer market in so many ways. If we at least announce one player, we will sort of know that Conte is staying at the club, and it will also scare other clubs to show that Chelsea can do some business. For me we need to Alex Sandro as quickly as possible, because at the moment Chelsea are very slow in doing their transfers, and he may want to snub other clubs unless we give him a good offer and we do it quickly which is exactly what happened with Tollisso.

Here is what Luke Newton has written about Alex Sandro possibly moving to another club.

Lukaku is very close to be signed, and the price is rumoured to be from 50 to 80 million. Is he really worth that? In my opinion, money doesn't matter anymore in this market. We are seeing average players going for so much money because there is SO much money in the market. So the money doesn't matter it's just whether he is really Champions League quality and can he do it in a big team.

Talking of big teams, what he has done with a team like Everton was amazing. This is where people have a right to say that he may do even better with a team like Chelsea. However, my argument to that is, that he plays for Belgium, who by paper, has some of the best players in the world and he just does not perform. Whether that is because of tactics or other reasons, I do not know why...

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Previously I said that money does not matter too much in this transfer market. But there is no harm in saving money. Instead of selling players who have potential early, keep them and loan which do abuse quite a lot to be honest. However we are now having to buy Lukaku for almost double-triple his price. We can not afford to do this with some of our players who look to have so much potential like Tammy Abraham, Mason Mount and there are SO many more.

When Lukaku posted that instagram photo of training because of Adidas in the Chelsea ground, he would have known deep inside that this would have created some drama, and although he may have tweeted later about it, he was trying to hide it.

">24 June 2017

Lukaku was once a kid, who needs to prove himself at Chelsea for one more time.

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