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Proceeds From Chelsea Sale Set to Be Frozen Following Todd Boehly Takeover

The proceeds from the sale of Chelsea are set to be frozen in a United Kingdom bank account, according to reports.

This comes ahead of the official announcement, with the confirmation of Todd Boehly's consortium's takeover expected imminently

As per the Independent, the proceeds from the sale will now be frozen into a bank account.

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Abramovich's wish is for the funds to be donated to a charity to support the victims of the war in Ukraine, with the UK Government demanding that they receive further assurances that the money will solely go to support this cause and not to the oligarch or his family.

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A spokesperson for Abramovich has stated that the Russian has never wanted to benefit from the funds.

"We are not concerned about the situation, and are still confident in the sale. There has never been any intention for Roman Abramovich to benefit from these funds," they said.


The soon-to-be former Chelsea owner has hired the former chief executive of UNICEF, Mike Penrose, to establish the foundation to distribute the proceeds of the Chelsea sale to victims in Ukraine.

Penrose urged the Government to not stand in the way of allowing the funds to be donated to the charity, as he said: “The only thing between this becoming a reality and now, is politics. I have absolutely no interest in the politics of the sale, but if politics gets in the way, then that is to me almost criminal."

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