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Pundit Sympathies With Chelsea Fans Over Anthony Taylor Petition

Former Premier League player Kevin Campbell has given his thoughts on the petition to ban Anthony Taylor from refereeing Chelsea games.

Anthony Taylor was never one of the favourite referees amongst Chelsea fans but his decisions in last week's London derby has made the relationship even worse.

Taylor missed two clear decisions that would've stopped Spurs from scoring and earning a draw at Stamford Bridge.

The aftermath of this has been huge, with fans setting up a petition to ban the referee from officiating Chelsea games.

The petition has received over 150,000 signatures and Thomas Tuchel even echoed similar thoughts on Taylor after the game.

Anthony Taylor Thomas Tuchel

However, not everyone agrees with the petition. There have been some former players outspoken about the potential ramifications of doing such a thing.

I can’t see that working,” Kevin Campbell told Football Insider.

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I think there’s always been certain referees who managers and clubs have had issues with. It does get under the skin a little bit and people are going to say ‘I don’t want him to referee our matches’ but you get who you get. 

"I can’t see teams or managers or petitions dictating who officiates matches, I just don’t see it happening.

Anthony Taylor

Although, certain referees seem to have different outcomes with different teams, some are more positive and some are more negative, depending on which team it is. Managers and clubs sometimes feel hard done by.

When you actually look at what wasn’t given [on Sunday] if it was your team you’d think it wasn’t right. So I get it. People say it’s not VAR it’s the people who do it, but it’s the whole shooting match. 

"It’s the whole thing, so if you do look at it and you don’t penalise anybody, the inconsistency of the whole thing is the problem.

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