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Reece James Expresses Honest Opinion on Number of Matches for England and Chelsea Amid Thomas Tuchel's Concerns


Chelsea's Reece James has given his honest opinion regarding the amount of games that he and his Chelsea teammates are playing at club and national level.

Thomas Tuchel has previously expressed his frustration with the amout of matches played, with another international break scheduled for next month.

Speaking ahead of Chelsea's clash with Malmo, James discussed his emotions.


He said: "The schedule is very busy. The last few years it's picked up. We play every few days, we are all used to it. The start of the season is busy because we have an international break every month. After Christmas it starts to slow down a bit.

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"You can still be a human being. We all have time away from football to get our head down. At the same time it is a very busy schedule. We dedicate our whole lives to football. Everyone wants to be the best and have the best career."

James' manager, Tuchel, also gave his thoughts on the fixture congestion once again.

He saidWe lack a bit of enthusiasm in the last percent. One big reason is that we play too much. Not we as the club, but the players. I am a big friend of quality and not quantity. This is the sitaution right now. It is what we are facing. This is nothing new. The next national break is coming, it is coming soon. It will not change

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