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Reece James' Father Reveals Details of Chelsea Signing the Youngster

Reece James' fathre Nigel has opeed up on when the club signed him as a youngster following the defender's impressive form this season.

James is the Blues' joint top goalscorer in the Premier League so far this season and has shown no signs of slowing down.

Speaking to the Athletic, Jame's father revealed all about when he first signed for the club as a youngster.


He said: "They set up a drill with two groups facing each other. The aim was to pass it to someone on the other side who then had to run at you one-v-one and put the ball into a little goal. 

"The kids were one year older than Reece, so those watching felt it was a big jump for him. There were a few dads stood there drinking their coffee who suddenly realised this kid stopped everyone and no one could stop him. The coach came over, an American called Patrick and he was like, ‘Oh my!'”


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It was clear that James was head and shoulders above anybody else as Nigel continued.

"Chelsea had two or three scouts around each pitch so they couldn’t miss anyone," he revealed.

“In the first game, Reece scored a screamer from a free kick. In the second, bang, he did it again. During the third game he beat a few players and put it in the top corner. In the last game he had another free kick and bent it straight in. By the time of the fourth or fifth game, basically every scout was around Reece’s pitch watching him. 

"Reece won a trophy for being the best outfield player.”

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