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Report: Premier League to Assess Postponement Rule Following Thomas Tuchel Comments

The Premier League is ready to reconsider its rules on postponing fixtures after this weekend's matches, according to reports.

Following the 23rd round of Premier League matches, a short winter break is embarked on by all 20 clubs in the league.

As per the Athletic, this time will be used by the Premier League to reconsider its rules on postponing fixtures.


The Premier League is ready to reconsider its rules on postponing fixtures after this weekend’s matches, The Athletic understands.

The Premier League released a statement on Wednesday, confirming this, as they wrote: 

“The Premier League is consulting with our clubs regarding COVID-19 postponement rules and guidance in light of the changing national picture and the falling number of cases within our squads.

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“The league’s current guidance was amended in December following the emergence of the new Omicron variant and we continue to monitor the ongoing effects of the virus and will update our guidance accordingly.”

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This comes after Thomas Tuchel was heavily critical of the Premier League, demanding clarity regarding postponements.

“I don’t need to know it but maybe you need to know it, maybe the fans need to know it. I believe in the rules still because if I start doubting or not believing, where does this end?" he said. 

"I need to have proof then, which I don’t have. I need to be more involved, look deeper into the decision making and into the games that are postponed which I will never do. I simply don’t have the time or want to spend the energy.

"You should figure out what you need to have clarity. For me it is pretty easy, I get the information and then I accept it because what else is there? I don’t lose my energy with decisions I have zero influence in.”

Hopefully, the league will begin to provide clarity for the football clubs after the short winter break.

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