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Revealed: How Spurs & Chelsea Communicate During Transfer Negotiations

Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur limit their communication to email rather than meeting in person or talking over the phone during transfer negotiations, according to reports. 

The relationship between the two London clubs is sour. Their working 'relationship' is considered to be a 'sure sign of fireworks' between Daniel Levy and Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia when it comes to transfer business. 

Both clubs have had their run-ins during deals which have involved both their players, but of players of clubs elsewhere that they are both pursuing - Eden Hazard in 2012 and Willian in 2013 for example. 

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It has gone on between the clubs in the last 10 years. Chelsea wanted Luka Modric, Spurs said no. Antonio Rudiger was of interest to the north London side but the Blues blocked a deal, as was Olivier Giroud. 

Talks were held by Chelsea with Harry Kane's representatives during the summer, Thomas Tuchel confirmed, but nothing got close. 

And the behind-the-scenes relations have been revealed by the Athletic. They claim that when it comes to reforms and business aide from transfers, Bruce Buck and Levy have a 'good relationship'.


But when transfers are involved, it's the complete opposite - 'some sources have suggested that, for a deal to be done, any negotiations would have to be conducted by email rather than over the phone or in person'. 

Another source claims: “If a player is on an upwards curve but just won’t get a chance at Chelsea, they’d say, ‘Well, we’re not going to sell to Spurs'."

It could be a while before a major transfer between the clubs occurs, and Kane is extremely unlikely to be the first. 

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