Thomas Tuchel: Chelsea players weren't involved in decision to join European Super League

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Thomas Tuchel says the Chelsea squad were not involved in any of the decision making behind them agreeing to join the new European Super League. 

Chelsea confirmed their plans to participate in the new European competition which could start as early as next season, which saw them leave the European Club Association as well.

It has been claimed the Blues felt they had no choice but to agree to the plans due to fear of being left behind. 


The response to the new closed-shop league, touted as just 'Super Greed' has come under major backlash with Blues fans set to head to Stamford Bridge on Tuesday ahead of their match against Brighton to voice their displeasure. 

Head coach, Tuchel confirmed he found out the club's decision on Sunday - the day of the announcement - and has further revealed that the players played no part in the decision making.

He told the media on the European Super League, "Let's be honest, I trust this club and my job is very clear, I am not the right person to ask. I can understand you are curious and there are some emotional reactions that I can understand but I honestly don’t know enough.

"I was clearly not involved, players were not involved in the decision making. Maybe it is a good time to step back, not give our opinion and lose our heads about it. We have to make sure we girth for the goals we still have this season which is my job."

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