Thomas Tuchel delivers verdict on Chelsea's participation in European Super League

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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel spoke for the first time since the announcement of the European Super League [ESL].

On Sunday evening, the forming of the ESL was confirmed which saw Chelsea among the 12 founding clubs of the new competition. 

Chelsea have left the European Club Association as backlash over their decision continues to mount. 


Tuchel's side face Brighton on Tuesday and he was brought in front of the media on Monday and the main talking point was the ESL. He remained tight-lipped and said his job was to focus on being a coach and put his trust in the club. 

As relayed by, he said: "I have known about it since yesterday," said Tuchel on the European Super League. 

"But, I am here to be in the hardest competition, that is why I came here, this is what I love - to play in the hardest competitions in Europe. That’s what I am at Chelsea.

"As you know, I do not get too involved with the subjects around us, I am a bit sad that the subjects are there now as I was hoping to talk about the Man City game or, more importantly, the Brighton game.

"This is clearly not the case today but as you know, I am part of this club, I trust my club to make the right decisions. I think it is too early to judge everything and it is not my part.

"On my badge at Chelsea it says I have to play my role, everyone has to play their role and mine is to be a coach and to be focused. We have an important game coming up."

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